NEW LIFE NOTES: Hearing From God - John 1:1-21

1. If the enemy of our soul can “speak” to us then why do we find it so difficult to believe that our HEAVENLY FATHER can do so?

2. The sheperd in this story is JESUS.

3. As Jesus is the Shepherd, Jesus’ FOLLOWERS are the sheep!

4. God communicates with persons today but with a “VOICE” that is uniquely different.

5. Holy Spirit’s unique & different “voice” is communicated to us in OUR spirit.

6. How can I know if God is communicating with me? The answer is DISCERNMENT.

7. To distinguish between spirits simply means that we DECIDE whether we are being influenced by Holy Spirit of God or the antichrist spirit of Satan!

I can’t imagine that it’s left up to the mind of man to create direction for God’s church.

8. How can I know if it’s God? CONSTANT practice.

Jn 4:24/ 17.17b/ Ps 119:10b-11/ Ac 16:6-10/ 1 Cor 12:7, 10/ Ja 4:7-8/ Ps 119:125/ Phil 1:9/ Heb 5:14


Can you explain where your thoughts come from? Be encouraged to contemplate this in your quiet time this week.

Have you recently received communication from God for direction in your life? (By what means did this transpire?)

Have you ever pondered the spiritual gift of discernment for your own life? Do you sense this could be beneficial for you?


Be aware in the coming days ‘How’ you think… be more aware of discernment between bad thoughts & good thoughts and how you deal with each.